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About Stoke

Seamlessly connecting earth and space

STOKE was formed to develop low-cost, on-demand access to and from space. That means access to any orbit at any time, for orders of magnitude lower cost.

Our Development Philosophy

STOKE team pushing the 2nd Stage MTD in a warehouse

STOKE’s development philosophy is founded on high-velocity hardware-focused iterative development—design fast, build fast, test fast, learn fast, iterate fast. This approach is the foundation of STOKE’s culture, and it permeates every aspect of our operations. The result is a speed of development and a level of capital efficiency that is unique in the space industry.

Our Team

Stoke team working at Moses Lake facility

STOKE’s team is cherry-picked from the best of the best in space launch, leading to ultra-fast innovation and results. Having played an integral role in bringing New Space’s first generation of reusable rockets to market at SpaceX, Blue Origin, and others, we are now focused on building Reusability 2.0.


Headshot of Andy Lapsa, founder and CEO of STOKE

Andy Lapsa

Co-Founder & CEO

Headshot of Andy Lapsa, founder and CEO of STOKE

Tom Feldman

Co-Founder & CTO

Ride with us.

We are creating routine travel to and from orbit in a seamlessly connected earth and space.