Our formula for success: Test, Fail, Fix.

We move quickly from ideation to prototype to production. Our team is focused on testing, so we’re not afraid to try new things. If we fail, we fail fast, learn fast, and fix it. 

We started with the second stage.

Our testing began with our novel design of a reusable second stage, the part everyone else throws away.

Our location allows us to hop to it.

Located only three hours from manufacturing, our Moses Lakes Test Site allows us to test our components quickly without unnecessary delays.

We test every day.

Speaking of component testing, our facility has an ever-expanding section of test bays for component and horizontal testing of stage one and two engines.

We’re focused
on testing for
rapid reuse.

Our stage two vertical test stand allows us to test a new engine design built for sustainability. We’ve integrated and tested an actively cooled heat shield that will be used to reuse the second stage rapidly.

Our stage one engine vertical test stand
is coming soon.

Under Construction, the stage one vertical test stand is designed to test our full-flow staged combustion engine in the same orientation as we’ll launch. Scheduled to go online in the late summer of 2023.