Fastest rocket team… Ever.

From seed money to engine testing, we’ve moved faster than any rocket company in history.

Our mission

We’re on a mission to scale life sustainably starting with 100% reusable rockets.

Our vision

We envision a civilization that scales responsibly.

Our leadership team

Our founders started Stoke with the end-game in mind, beginning with 100% fully and rapidly reusable rockets.

Andy Lapsa, PhD

CEO & Co-founder

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Tom Feldman

CTO & Co-founder

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Kelly Hennig


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Our advisors

We are advised by industry experts and legends.

Hans Koenigsmann

SpaceX employee #4, Falcon 1 Chief Engineer, VP Build Reliability

Robb Kulin

Firefly Aerospace, COO & SpaceX, Chief Engineer

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We’re proud to have the support of a mission-driven group of investors.

Stoke Space unites an elite team of engineers.

How do we move so fast? We cherry pick the best rocket engineers in the industry. Combine that with our unique culture and thoughtful vertical integration, and you get one hella fast team.