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Routine travel to and from orbit in a seamlessly connected Earth & Space

STOKE delivers satellites directly to their final orbit using 100% reusable rockets. They’re low-cost, on-demand, and designed to fly daily.

Airline customers can book flights to virtually any place at any time. Satellite operators crave similar flexibility in cost, schedule and mission design. These options are simply not available with today’s launch solutions.  

STOKE was formed to solve this problem from a purely customer-centric point of view.

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operational reusability

How to unlock a trulY sustainable trillion-dollar commercial space economy

earth as seen from spaceearth as seen from space

STOKE’s launch solution is purpose built from the ground up to be 100% reusable and to fly with an ultra-high flight cadence.

STOKE is building rockets that are operationally reusable by:

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We are creating routine travel to and from orbit in a seamlessly connected earth and space.