Real hardware.
Real results.

We’re revolutionizing access to space with 100% reusable rockets designed to fly daily.

Our singular focus on 100% reusability and ultra-high launch cadence drives every decision we make.

Our unique upper stage engine is a distributed thruster system with an integrated, actively cooled heat shield.

Launch to and from orbit any time, any where

This is what full reusability looks like.

This is what full reusability looks like.

Fully reusable stage 2

Actively (regeneratively) cooled metallic re-entry heat shield with integrated modular LH2/LOX rocket engine is robust, resilient to damage, and operates with passive failure modes. Designed for minimal refurbishment between flights, unlocking rapid turnaround: Refit, Refuel, Refly.

  • Direct access to GTO, TLI, and other high-energy orbits
  • Return from orbit to launch site – precision, powered vertical landing
  • Downmass capability

Fully reusable stage 1

  • 7x LNG/LOX engines
  • Return to launch site (RTLS) or downrange landing

We deliver to and from space.

100% reusable payload fairing

180-deg by 360-deg deployment hemisphere. Axial loads during ascent, descent, and landing.

Highest performance engine in class

Unlimited restarts creates flexible mission architecture, unprecedented in-space mobility, and precision powered vertical landing.

Downmass capability

Debris/asset capture & return, and space cargo logistics.

Actively cooled metallic heat shield

Integrated modular LH2/LOX engine designed for minimal refurbishments between flights, unlocking rapid turnaround.

Our testing facility in Moses Lake, Washington

Only three hours from our headquarters in Seattle, Moses Lake is an ideal location to fuel our fast and furious test iterations.

Stoke rocket updates

What’s happening next, here at Stoke.