“America’s military has the edge in space. China and Russia are in a ‘counterspace’ race to disrupt it” – CNN

May 27, 2024 – Simone McCarthy / CNN – As Russian forces rolled over the Ukraine border in the first moments of their invasion, another, less visible onslaught was already underway – a cyberattack that crippled internet linked to a satellite communications network.

That tech offensive – conducted by Russia an hour before its ground assault began in February 2022 – aimed to disrupt Kyiv’s command and control in the pivotal early moments of the war, Western governments say.

The cyberattack, which hit modems linked to a communication satellite, had far-reaching effects – stalling wind turbines in Germany and cutting the internet for tens of thousandsof people and businesses across Europe. Following the attack, Ukraine scrambled for other ways to get online.

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