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We're Hiring.

Here's what we look for


You have an uncompromising ethical standard, and you demand the same from others. You lead by example. Always.


You have an uncommon desire to succeed. You find energy in adversity and refuse to give up. As a result, you accomplish yourself what normally takes an entire team.


The success of our mission depends on you. You combine your drive and skill with relentless attention to detail.


You have dreams of a better future. You know that without these, it is impossible to invent.


You’ve worked hard to perfect your craft. You have a demonstrated history of success, and yet your learning will never stop.


We are STOKED to come to work every day. You should be too.


Stock options

Competitive Salary

Paid Time Off

Health Insurance


Parental Leave

Flexible Work Environment

Powder Days

guess what?

If there's a position that appeals to you, and you think you can succeed, we want you to apply regardless of the listed qualifications. We've read studies that indicate men apply to jobs when they meet just 60% of the qualifications, but women tend to only apply if they meet 100%. We want you to apply. Besides, we've found that learning on the job is a huge perk of joining a startup!

guess what else?

We're an intense startup, but you shouldn't have to choose between your dreams and your family. We're parents too, and we're committed to building a company that gives you the flexibility you need to be present in your family. We don't have all the answers for every scenario, but we'll try hard to find them. Let's build this up together!