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What to know about Alexis Ohanian’s funded space company

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Alexis Ohanian, Reddit co-founder, and Andy Lapsa, STOKE Space Technologies co-founder and CEO, join ‘Closing Bell’ to discuss the company, why Ohanian invested in STOKE and the competition in space.

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The Billionaire Space Race Launches A New Venture Capital Solar System


“It’s a renaissance period in the space ecosystem,” Andy Lapsa, a cofounder of STOKE says. “There has never been a case where the commercial sector has the promise that it does today.”

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Serena Williams's husband invests into making space travel cheaper for everyone

Tennis World

“I've got a great job because we, 776 Fund, get to be some of the earliest investors in literal rocketships. Stoke Space makes 100% reusable rockets designed to fly daily. Building for space is going to help us save Earth, too,” said Alexis Ohanian on Instagram.

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Alexis Ohanian and the Stoke MFD

STOKE stakes its claim in the industry rush for reusable rockets


“When Lapsa talks about high cadence, he means being able to launch the same low-cost rocket on a daily basis without having to go through detailed inspections or component replacements — just fuel it up and lift off, following the model set for commercial aviation.”

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Calls from the future


“How low cost on demand space launch unlocks a trillion dollar commercial space economy”

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NASA Stage II Funding


“Stoke Space’s award will fund the development and testing of hardware for a new type of rocket engine that’s designed for use in planetary landers, reusable second stages and other types of spacecraft that perform entry, descent and landing maneuvers. The engine’s nozzle would serve as an actively cooled metallic heat shield as the spacecraft descends through the atmosphere, and as a shield against debris thrown up during terminal descent.”

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Seattle Y-Combinator Companies


"... viable, reusable second-stage rocket would “take us out of a production limited paradigm where you’re no longer producing big, expensive machinery brand new every time,” said co-founder and CEO Andy Lapsa. “That becomes very important when you think about the speed and cadence between missions.”

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